" I adopted a pair of rescued puppies, sisters, both 10 weeks old. They hadn't been abused but they were both skittish and excessively vocal and training them was difficult, they can be a handful together. I didn't have the time in my day to take them to class or separate classes, so after 2 months of difficulty i turned to the web. I live in Arkansas and i was able to connect with Alexia to do a 1 hour session with me and my canine. I was able to explain to her my situation with the girls and she asked me very precise questions regarding Edith and Hildy behavioral issues. Very quickly she knew of the issues and the solutions. Being able to apply her training knowledge right away after my call with her, was such a relief. The dogs are now beautifully mannered and, of course completely adorable. "
Chris, Edith & Hildy
Little Rock - Arkansas
" I brought our new pup Lukas to small dog social because of his lack of control at the dog park. Alexia's presence and expertise at the social was absolutely invaluable. Thanks to her. I observed a quick improvement in Lukas's social behavior. He now interacts very easily with other dogs and thoroughly enjoys his time at the dog park. We 're very grateful to Alexia as we continue on our journey with Lukas. "  
Stephen, Lena, Bette and Lukas
Berkeley CA
" My husband and I we have been taking our dog Pappy to Alexia's doggy socials for over a year and could not be happier with the experience. Out little guy has tons of love to give with loads of, sometimes, nervous energy. Alexia is amazing with him. She has tons of patience and lots of advice on dealing with super energetic dogs. She helped us train Pappy to be a better dog. He absolutely adores her ! "
Shelly, Seth and Pappy
Berkeley CA
" I found Alexia online, sent her an outline of the issues i was having with my new rescue pup and we set up an appointment. In her visit to my home, she was lively, energetic, articulate and entertaining.  I was most impressed with her follow up - she emailed me twice asking for reports and how my dog and I were doing, and gave further suggestions in her response to my report without charging me again. I now have my wild pup in a Basic Obedience class at Berkeley Humane Society, where he's settled and cooperative, learning well together with no reactivity toward other dogs. I have Alexia to thank for her contribution to this outcome"
Catharine and Dogen
Berkeley CA
" My husband and I met Mysti at the Peninsula Humane Society and it was love at the first sight. Mysti came with a lot of challenges, including fear of men, cars and everything else in between. She had been abused but still remained a darling at heart. Alexia was a blessing to us, but more importantly to our girl Mysti. Alexia was able to help her acclimate to her new home, understand that car rides are fun and help with leash training. I wondered if Mysti would be one of those dogs that could run at the beach off leash and not disappear forever, with Alexia's help Mysti is a beach pro and enjoys meeting all dogs, people and always returns happily when called. All i can say is thank you for helping Mysti become the most wonderful companion we could have hoped for. " 
Wendy, Greg and Mysti
San Francisco CA

" Alexia was amazing! So flexible and friendly, was very straight forward and willing to asses my needs before overcharging. My dog Luke certainly loved her but more than anything I needed training as a new dog owner and all her tips come in handy daily! Strongly recommend her for anyone looking for a dog guru :) "

Kathleen and Luke

San Francisco CA

"After analyzing my dog and I in our natural environment, Alexia helped me understand why my small dog was acting out. She gave me a great list of things to do daily to re-establish dominance in my relationship with my dog, Annabelle. After implementing Alexia's tips, Annabelle's behavior improved. In addition to being a very informed trainer, Alexia also offers in-home dog sitting as a service. She watched my dog for a week while I was out of town and I returned to a very happy and healthy pet!"
Becky and Annabelle
San Francisco CA

"While we love our little Lula to pieces, her incessant barking at anyone who came to our front gate tested both our patience and the kindness of our visitors.  We contacted Alexia, and after only two visits, she was able to identify the source of the problem and to suggest concrete obedience methods for us, because after all, as Alexia rightly pointed out, it's really the owners that need to be trained. Alexia was thorough, patient, articulate and really took the time to listen to and understand the situation around Lula's barking problem. We'd highly recommend her to anyone with a dog!"
Cheri/Mark and Lula
Berkeley CA

My husband and I rescued a Siberian Husky dog who is 4 years old and named her Nika.  We brought our other dog with us to help pick her out.  Once we got home Nika’s personality completely changed and we were not sure if we were going to be able to keep her.  We called Alexia to have her come and evaluate Nika and show us some training tips to help settle her in.  Nika’s personality changed again after Alexia’s visit.  Alexia convinced us that  Nika was a good dog and just needed some time adjusting to her new home and environment.  We are so glad that we called Alexia because had it not been for her Nika may not have continued to live here and be the wonderful addition to our family that she is.  Thank you Alexia !!!
Irika/William and Nika
Pacifica CA

Alexia is the only person I trust to leave my dogs with while I travel. They can be a handful, but Alexia knows exactly how to keep them calm and entertained. One of my dogs has only three legs. Alexia is very conscientious of her physical activity and knows when it's time for her to rest. My other dog has anxiety issues, but he's very calm with Alexia. Both my dogs absolutely adore Alexia and get so excited whenever they see her. She's the best

Nancy/Bailey and Maya

San Francisco CA

Wonderful! When I came home they were chilled out listening to zen spa music together. Max is only a few weeks puppy and he loved it! Alexia is caring and knowledgable. She takes the time to get to know the dogs and asses their character. I'd certainly recommend her. Be sure to book in advance as she is very popular!

Jessie B/Max

San Francisco CA

Alexia house sat for my very shy dog Simon for 10 days. He was from the shelter and would not go to anyone but myself. When we were out of the country we would check in with her to see how he was doing, she always made us feel assured and would give us a detailed description of his behavior. She brought Simon to the airport to meet us, after the 10 days with Alexa he was a changed dog. He was laying in her arms , you would have sworn it was her dog. In fact people were going up to her commenting on what a cute dog she had. She is truly a dog whisper. This is her calling, she is one with the dog. I highly recommend her for house sitting and training . Not only do I trust her in my house I trust her with my most prize possession Simon.

Robin and Simon

Petaluma CA


I have two large german shepherds. they can be a handful. Alexia was so wonderful with them. she is definitely the kind of person you want looking after your beloved dogs when you're away: responsive, responsible, assertive, warm, and knowledgeable.

Jestin/Doc and Chief 

Sausalito CA


Alexia was great with our puppy Rebel. He is a handful - a young guy with lots of energy and chews/bites on everything. He's also still getting his shots so he can't go outside for walks and exercise yet, leaving him rambunctious and hard to handle. He was very happy, calm, and relaxed when we got home and Alexia managed to keep him from chewing anything up while we were gone - quite an accomplishment for this little guy! She was punctual and great about following up with us on some training ideas. We can't wait until our next visit with Alexia!

Jessica and Rebel

Oakland CA





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